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(underlined poems are clickable)

"Pie" at Minnesota Public Radio's Poetry Friday

"Trash Trees" Alaska Quarterly Review, forthcoming.

"Retirement Home," "Estate" ZYZZYVA Fall 2015

Five Poems, Terrain.org, May 2015.

“Gingerbread (After Amelia Simmons) Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal (New York University Press, 2014)

Company,” Academy of American Poets, Poem-A-Day, March 2014

“Madonna del Passero,” “Starlings,” “Grackle” Colorado Review, Fall 2013.

“Asparagus,” “Rhubarb,” and “Pizza Night” Delaware Poetry Review. Spring 2013.

“Snowshoe Hare” The Ecopoetry Anthology (Trinity University Press, 2013)

"Receipt: Midway Entertainment Presents," originally published in the Spring 2012 Seneca Review,
was chosen by Mark Doty for The Best American Poetry, 2012.

"Cell Bill," "Venison," "Sale: Before 5pm," " Receipt: Real Estate" Interim, Spring 2012

"Snowshoe Hare" ecopoetics, 2009

"Recipe: Cheap and Dear Years"," "Receipt: Midway Entertainment Presents" Seneca Review, Spring 2012

"Local Honey" Quarterly West, Spring 2011

"Receipt: Crown of Glory Cupcakes" "Receipt: Radio Cooking School" Barrow Street, Fall 2010

"Recipe: Last Minute Date Raptures," "Recipe: Hollywood Dunk," New American Writing, Fall 2010

"Recipe: Caramel" Western Humanities Review, Fall 2010

"Receipt: At David's Bridal," "Receipt: Beauty Nails" Denver Quarterly. Fall 2010

"Receipt: Work Done," "Receipt: The Future is the Metro," "Corn," "Smut," Phoebe, Fall 2010